Barney Gray

Barney is an independent equity research analyst and acts as a technical consultant to Lionsgate. He has 20 years’ experience as an analyst across a broad range of sectors. His recent roles have focused on the junior Oil & Gas sector. In addition, Barney has extensive experience in the wider energy sector, primarily renewable and unconventional energy opportunities, as well as expertise in the manufacturing, agriculture and emerging market sectors.


Prior to establishing himself as an independent consultant, Barney was Head of Research at Old Park Lane Capital PLC and Westhouse Securities Ltd (now Stockdale Securities) prior to that. In both of these roles, Barney managed highly specialised teams of analysts with a particular focus on the energy and natural resources sectors.

Through his services, Barney’s core aim is to assimilate often highly technical data and complex subject matters in order to produce clear, concise and most importantly, highly accessible research reports and valuations.